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Innovative interior design solutions by Razvi Design Studio, Inc., an ASID member in San Diego, California.
Testimonials from satisfied Razvi Design Studio, Inc.  clients
The Sofia Hotel renovation interior design project by Razvi Design Studio.

"Having successfully worked with Anjum Razvi on three previous projects, I was confident that with her qualifications as a trained architect she would do a great job for the Pickwick Hotel renovation project. Working on an eighty year old hotel presented many challenges which she creatively overcame. This was a $16,500,000.00 project and took a year to complete. Anjum was an asset to our design team and was able to deliver the project on time and on budget.

The renamed Sofia Hotel has been very well received by our guests and it is in great part due to the warm and comfortable ambience of the hotel interior”.

Ken Winslow
Owner/Partner, The Sofia Hotel
San Diego, CA


“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Anjum Razvi whom I have known for the past 4 years.

Anjum has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, ambition, and creativity. She is wonderful to work with. Her ability to adapt to her clients needs is remarkable as is her ability to work within budgetary constraints. She has proven her leadership and ability by consistently providing great solutions in the design of our hotel. I am certain the great success The Sofia Hotel is now experiencing is largely because her design resonates so well within our guest experience.

Anjum is a joy to work with and we would welcome the opportunity to work with her in the future."

Andrea Winslow
Manager, The Sofia Hotel

  Elegant new home staircase design
"As a high-end custom home builder in the Del Mar-La Jolla area, we have been very fortunate to have Anjum Razvi as our exclusive Interior Designer. Our market is in the $1.5M and up range, and we depend on the expertise of Anjum to design the house with not only the design in mind but also taking into consideration our high-end clientele. She has been a sheer delight to work with and her keen eye and talent are beyond our expectations. She not only does the interior, but has helped us with the exterior design as well as the architectural layout. Our finished projects are a tribute to her skills. Anyone would do well to have her in their designing corner”.

Frank Chen
President, Picasso Development, LLC
San Diego, CA


“Our remodel project consisted of a complete renovation of our entire house. Wow! It was quite extensive and changed our home from a very dated 1970's look to a light and bright soft-contemporary home that we love."

"We were already working with our contractor, and we needed a designer to help with the many detailed design items yet to be done. We hired Anjum after meeting her on a kitchen design tour, and soon learned how much Anjum brought to the job. It was clear that Anjum had many years of design experience, which is critical in a designer. This is what you're paying for... certainly not trial and error."

"Anjum always came to our meetings totally prepared. She had our color swatches, fabrics pieces, a carpet sample, wood tones etc...things you need when you are out making decisions. Anjum had a way of helping us "zero in” on the right choice. That's what we learned on this project... details make the difference and that's when a designer like Anjum is worth her weight in gold."

"Doing a remodel is never easy, but in my opinion there is no substitute for a great designer. Anjum Razvi is well worth the money."

Ross and Sue Ehrhardt
(Ross Ehrhardt is Artist Coordinator for the
La Jolla Festival of the Arts)


“Over six years ago, a close friend introduced me to Anjum. I had purchased new furniture but needed help in its placement and also to pull the rooms together. That consultation was the beginning of a long relationship with her. She not only helped me with the kitchen, home office and miscellaneous design projects in that house, but when I sold the house and purchased my present much larger home, Anjum helped me with the re-design of all the major areas of my new 6,000 square foot home. This included a major remodel of the kitchen which involved moving a structural wall as well as the addition of four skylights. She co-coordinated all of the work, working with a structural engineer to make sure the end result was both functional and aesthetic."


"I love color but find it very hard to visualize what the finished product will look like. When Anjum proposed red walls for my living room I was somewhat unsure but had full confidence in her ability to steer me in the right direction. The end result is a breathtaking room which now has ambience and warmth which the previously white walls simply lacked."

"Anjum’s attention to detail and flawless follow-up has been a priceless asset to me. I travel extensively and am gone for long periods of time, sometimes even during the construction phase of the project. I look forward to returning to an area of my home completely transformed and always know that I will be completely happy with the results. She acts as my agent, ensuring that the design details are implemented correctly, and I trust her completely with managing the entire project, including scheduling the whole job and managing timely payments to the various sub contractors."

"Anjum has completely transformed my house into a warm and beautiful home and most importantly it reflects my taste and personality. It is hard to describe what design style my house follows as it is completely unique and has evolved by mixing all the individual pieces that I have loved."

"I have come to rely on Anjum’s advice on everything”.

Brooke Koehler


“I have found Anjum’s input and ability to work with the owners to create the product they wanted was excellent. Her architectural training in addition to her design talent places her among the best of any designers that I have worked with in my thirty years in custom construction. I have referred her to my customers for design help and have in fact used her with the interior design on my own home."

John Steever
J.L. Steever Company
Custom Construction & Remodeling
San Marcos, CA


“I met Anjum Razvi about 15 years ago, when she was doing drafting work for our construction projects. Our business relationship grew into a personal friendship and I remember encouraging Anjum to move toward the design end of the business. I suggested that her knowledge of construction, not held by many designers, was a real asset to help guide her design ideas.

"We have worked on many projects together and I enjoy creating reality from Anjum's designs."

Marvin Herbert
M H Remodeling


“Anjum Razvi was hired to design a Master Plan for the redecorating of a 92-unit condominium complex in Coronado, California. This Plan was to cover all the public spaces and recreational areas in the complex. Anjum proved to be not only an excellent designer, but a master at communicating her ideas to the Board of Directors and Homeowners. It was interesting that her concepts were appealing to both men and women, and to people of different tastes. She was a delight to work with, and was able to keep costs in mind without in any way letting that show in her results. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to any Homeowners Association, or to individuals."

Margaret P. Carr
Los Angeles, CA


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